See what others have said about Leeloona and Friends...

"Leeloona is a very talented clown.  She plays violin beautifully and the children loved her." 
-  Susan Hernandez

"It was fantastic working with Leeloona!" - Tommy Harrington, film maker

"Super funny and creative. We'll definitely call her for our next party."
 - Shawn  Doyle

"She made us all laugh out loud, even me and I can be tough to get a laugh out of." - Barb Montgomery

"As soon as Leeloona showed up and I saw the look on my daughter's face, I knew we found an excellent clown for her birthday."  - Katie Howell

"[She's] super cute! [I] love the hair." - Lisa Blood

"You have a really good energy!  Don't you ever get tired??" - Jennifer Harper

"I used to be scared of clowns and now I'm not afraid any more!" - Little girl to her father (as reported by the hostess of a party)

"Hello?? Do I really need to say anything? Look what she did to my butt!" - Happy Face Spider (AKA Nananana Makaki'i)

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